Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way you arrange furniture and objects in your environment has a direct impact on your success, health, and overall happiness. The concept of Feng Shui is based on an energy called “Chi.” Just as energy flows through your body, Chi also flows through your environment. When the energy flow is obstructed the unbalanced Chi may have negative impacts which can lead to unhappiness, illness, conflict, or financial loss. When your energy flow is improved and balanced, your environment will support your well-being, health, fortune, relationships, and happiness.


As a certified Red Ribbon Feng Shui Consultant, my goal is to help you uncover your own path to Feng Shui in order to Transform Your Life!

This journey begins when we increase your self-awareness of the energy around you (the Chi in your environment and space) to provide a balanced life. Everyday, there is always negative energy surrounding us, thus, we want to change, adjust, and remove the negative energy. This negative energy may cause us to feel blocked, uncomfortable and unhappy, and therefore, we want to reverse the negative Chi to positive Chi. In my consultation, I will provide specific remedies to change the flow of energy around you and create a haven where your mind, body, and spirit can relax and harmonize.


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Why are Bamboo Stalks Lucky?

My Dearest Feng Shui Fans! In this blog, I will help you leverage one of the most trendy and popular Feng Shui remedy or cure for your home or a business with the placement of the Lucky Bamboo. The Lucky Bamboo is symbolic for good fortune, good health and prosperity. This plant attracts and increases…

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When Should I Start Feng Shui?

My dearest Feng Shui Fans! As a Feng Shui practitioner and certified Red Ribbon Consultant, I often get this question from different people when they find out about my passion for Feng Shui, “When should I start Feng Shui?”. This is a great question which only YOU can answer and determine for yourself. First, let…

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Feng Shui & Buying a Home

Hello Feng Shui Fans, On many accounts, buying a home is a big investment. This investment is not only money, but also an investment in the wealth and health of your family and relationships. As a result, you really need to do your homework and investigate the history of the home before you buy it.…

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