Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way you arrange furniture and objects in your environment has a direct impact on your success, health, and overall happiness. The concept of Feng Shui is based on an energy called “Chi.” Just as energy flows through your body, Chi also flows through your environment. When the energy flow is obstructed the unbalanced Chi may have negative impacts which can lead to unhappiness, illness, conflict, or financial loss. When your energy flow is improved and balanced, your environment will support your well-being, health, fortune, relationships, and happiness.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

My name is Harry Tran. I am a certified Red Ribbon Feng Shui Consultant with a specialization in Human Resources and Learning & Development, based in the Greater Seattle, Washington area. For many years, I have been fascinated by human behavior and people, which has led me to a successful career in Human Resources for various leading-edge organizations in Canada and The United States.I’ve been practicing Feng Shui for more than 10+ years and uncovered my path to feng shui in my early twenties while traveling abroad. Growing up in a very traditional Asian family, my parents wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer. Instead, I wanted to be an Actor, or a Singer, or a Designer or be an explorer traveling the world to help others. Some aspects of these aspirations did come to life but was short lived. With family support, I decided to take time off to travel to France and Spain to uncover the next journey in life. It was the experience that every changed my life. I uncovered two things: First, how the heck do I explain the field of Human Resources to my parents, and Secondly, I was educated on palm reading, face reading, Buddhism and Feng Shui. This journey and the life lessons which took place have shaped who I am today and my passion for leading, educating and inspiring others to be forever grateful and happy in life.

My professional training in Feng Shui is based on traditional, intentional and form school Feng Shui. My goal is to help people truly understand themselves, their potential and how they can leverage practical uses of Feng Shui to bring or enhance the positive Chi in order to have a happy, fulfilled, harmonious and prosperous life.

My Chinese Zodiac sign is a dragon and my zodiac sign is Cancer: The Crab. You will find that I am easy going, compassionate, good-natured, passionate, thoughtful, and creative. Did I also tell you, I love to have fun and am a big foodie! I love life and have a great sense of humor and really enjoy a good laugh with great company. Being happy, healthy, and motivated is widely important. As a leader, I have an ability to influence and spur people to take action while inspiring them at the same time. I am able to incorporate both Feng Shui Principles and Leadership Development to help create more purpose and clarity in your life.

Lastly, my energy level increases when I connect with other people, and when it does, so does the energy of the people with whom, I am connecting with! Let’s connect and uncover your “Feng Shui Roots” and transform your life!

What are people saying about Harry?

“Harry is Ingenious, enthusiastic, creative thinker and outgoing. He has great personal charm and is successful in delighting his clients. He makes feng shui simple and applicable.”

“Harry is socially adept, even-tempered and tireless in his efforts to bring about peace and well-being. He’s a great teacher and understands what advice is the most practical and useful to help his clients uncover feng shui.”

“Harry has a vivid imagination constantly pushes him towards turning his ideas into reality.”

“Harry is inventive, independent and can be extremely perceptive of the potential contained within the views of others. Harry’s interest, enthusiasm, and energy levels are high and seek greater fulfillment in his life through the offering of help and service to others.”

“Harry is intuitive, sympathetic, empathic, affable and is remarkably insightful and perceptive. His feng shui recommendations have been enlightening and easy to understand”.