Home Consultation

We spend a lot of our time in our home, this is why people say “Home is Where the Heart is.” When we walk into a home that has good Feng Shui, we feel the home is giving us a big hug. If we create a balanced representation in our home, life flows smoother, easier and brings us more peace.

Over-crowded living spaces have ben shown to have an effect on our health, acting as a stressor. As a certified Feng Shui Consultant, I am adamant that adopting a few simple tips to carve the right environment to improve different aspects of your life, whether it is health, finding a love connection, or making more money.

I offer home consultations for my clients in the USA and abroad. Each home consultations are tailered to meet your specific needs and will include:

  • Compass Reading for the inside of your home
  • Floor plan review with suggested remedies
  • Interior analysis with practical solutions to remedy negative influences
  • The arrangement of furniture and décor for optimum efficiency, harmony, and positive energy flow
  • Color and space design to create rooms that flow harmoniously from one room to the next
  • Energy clearing to remove stagnant energy or previous occupant residence
  • Flying stars and Bagua map analysis to identify key areas such as health, wealth, career, and relationships
  • Trigram and 5 Elements Analysis

Home Feng Shui Consultation package costs $888. Packages exclude travel &  accommodations for out-of-state services.

For your free phone consultation, email ht_pso@hotmail.com or call 206-537-5222.