How does it work?

Does your energy flow smoothly around you? You may not be aware of the potential to improve your life just by rearranging your home and workspace. Simple adjustments to your environment and space (home, office, or yard) can truly benefit your life. In Feng Shui, we only want to improve and enhance the positives. This can be achieved by leveraging Feng Shui to look at things like colors, doors, lights, furniture style & layout, floor plans, windows, plants & flowers, water fountains, mirrors, art, plants, and every other aspect of your personal spaces. The root of these enhancements leverages the use of Wu Xing’s Five Elements and Phases. The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

How to Start Your Feng Shui Journey

Consultation Day 1

The first in-person consultation visit usually takes no more than 30-60 mins (spaces varying in size). Because each client has different needs, each consultation will be designed differently. In general, on consultation day, you should expect the following:

  • A complete compass measurement and reading will be taken of the space
  • Photographs of the inside and outside of your space as part of the assessment
  • A copy of your home/business floor plans
  • A guided tour of the space(s) in question, inside and out
  • A walk through room by room, to gather additional insights for the analysis
  • An understanding of the issues or challenges experienced day-to-day
  • A discussion about your Chi and specific areas which are impacting strain or unhappiness in your space
  • A deeper understanding of the aspirations you have for the present and future

After this consultation, I will prepare a detailed and personal Feng Shui Report which will provide you guidance and recommendations to support your goals and aspirations.

Consultation Day 2

The final home consultation can range from 60 – 120 mins and may extend depending on the size of your space in question, with specific remedies explained. Each consultation is different due to various needs of the clients. Typically, you should expect the following:

  • A review of your Feng Shi Report
  • A discussion of findings, including a clear explanation of the quality of energy in your space
  • Recommendations of Feng Shui corrections and cures to the property where applicable
  • A walk through of each room in order to explain the recommended remedies. This will include any adjustment to the layout or furnishing of the rooms
  • An explanation of solutions and implementation plan
  • Payment for the balance of the consultation fee

After Consultations:

Customer satisfaction is very important to me. I would like to ensure that my clients have the right knowledge, understanding, and direction for implementation. After Consultation Day 2, I will provide an additional 30mins follow-up call during the next 30 – 45 days to answer any additional questions or guidance you need.